Build a WordPress Website or Blog from Scratch – PDF eBook


Build a WordPress Website or Blog from Scratch – PDF eBook


There are 143 pages in the PDF eBook, with a screenshot for each step. It is a true visual textbook.

This course is a beginner class, designed for people with no WordPress experience and no coding knowledge. We will teach you the most practical knowledge and know-how to build a website quickly. At the end of training, you will have the skills to build a brochure (informational) website, a blog, or maintain an existing WordPress website.

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Learn WordPress the Quick and Easy Way!

It will be a step by step course in the PDF eBook with the written instructions included the screenshot, so you won’t miss anything. It is easy to follow or choose the topics you want to learn at your own schedule.

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In this training, we will start from

  • How to purchase a SEO friendly domain name
  • Get fast hosting
  • Install WordPress software
  • Customize the website
  • And final launching.

This is the training for you!

  • If you have a business idea, and need a quick website to get started
  • To start a blog
  • To show your work (photographer, artist…)
  • Have a WordPress website and want to learn how to use and maintain the site

WordPress eBook table of content

After you finish this eBook, you will know how to create a visually compelling WordPress website, converting it from the boring basic install (picture one) to the polished final site (picture three).

Initial website Picture one: Right after install WordPress

WordPress two Picture two: the website using the default theme, and customize it

WordPress three Picture three: change the theme, and customize it

The Author: BBDS Design

We are designers and developers. In the past 10 years, we have built hundreds WordPress websites, and trained countless people. WordPress is a great system to produce and edit websites that we want more people to learn and use. We wanted to write a very practical eBook for everybody. Our goal is to simplify the learning curve, using plain language and info-graphics to make sure you won’t get lost to the technical details. WordPress is great visual editing software, so we made our eBook a visual text book.

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